With 17 years playing experience and 21 years, to date, conducting experience, Paul considers himself ideally positioned to offer help in many areas, from teaching, band training, conducting and ultimately adjudicating.

Adjudicating being a role he considers having the utmost importance attached to it. 

Having only recently entered into this elevated position, he is taking it on with the due diligence commitment and integrity that he has applied throughout his musical career.

Paul considers his fledgling career of 3 years as an adjudicator to be his biggest challenge to date the importance of getting “the right result” can be given to greater emphasis. All bands give a huge amount of their time to concentrated rehearsal when entering the contesting arena; Paul believes at the very least he should be as well prepared as the bands that are competing. He will I am sure give due diligence to this most elevated of positions in the same way that he has brought commitment and integrity to his musical career as a player and conductor

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