By the end of 1989, Six fantastic years with Leyland and a euphonium career of 17 years under his belt, Paul looked for new pastures to continue his thirst for ambitious projects, conducting seemed the natural progression. 

For the next 11 years, he was to learn his conducting trade with bands such as Bedford (Leigh) Band, City of Stoke, Besses O’th Barn Band for 5 years enjoying an associate conductor’s role at Carlton Main Band with his great friend John Hinckley.  A brief dalliance with Skelmersdale Band took place in 2000.  The following year, however, was to bring Paul’s biggest challenge to date. 

In September 2001, Paul together with one of his closest friends, Andy Dale, formed Wire Brass. 

Little did they know what an exciting musical journey that they were about to embark on. Wire brass became over the next 10 years the most progressive Brass Band in the world. There meteoric rise up the Worlds Rankings eventually gave them a creditable placing of 38th. There brand of musical entertainment was original and innovative and brought pleasure to audiences the length and breadth of the country.

In 2011 Wire brass was disbanded, throughout the bands history its soul purpose was to move on and upwards direction. This became increasingly more difficult as time went on. In the words of the Conductor. “Leave them wanting more" never has there been a truer word spoken of one of brass bandings most colourful bands in recent years.

As for Paul, well as he comes of age in his 21st year of conducting he continues his musical journey with projects all over the globe. More recently he has been working with some of the countries top bands he has also gained a big reputation on the other side of the world in Australia, with competition successes with Brisbane Excelsior Band. His passion for music is such that he has recently started a programme of development with bands that although not in the higher echelons of banding, seek a more professional approach to their rehearsal structure find them with the desire of improvement. This is a project that Paul is particularly proud of, as he believes that any musician can improve there skill if they have the right level of commitment and attitude

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