How Brass Toff Began

Having left school in 1978 I was fortunate to enter into a job that was to consume most of my life, be it at work or play. The art of repairing brass instruments has fascinated me since going to Thomas Reynolds Senior and Sons with my father as a young boy.

Having now just completed my 25th year in the repairing business it still amazes me today that the boredom factor hasn't yet kicked in.

Under excellent guidance I learned my trade over a 5-year apprenticeship. In 1983 Thomas Reynolds ceased trading and having just become a fully-fledged repairer, I made the decision to enter the world of self-employment. It proved to be the right one as I am still here today to tell the tale.

As my hobby as a musician has run parallel to my work, I have the good fortune to have many of my clients both as friends and colleagues. How many people get to have a job like that?

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